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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dr. Vic Ford And Staff Of Southwest Research And Extension Center Attend Kiwanis Farm-City Week

Dr. Vic Ford, Director of the University of Arkansas Southwest Research and Extension Center brought the program at the Hope Kiwanis Club's annual "Farm-City Day" program on Tuesday November 25th.  Dr. Ford brought a number of the staffers from the SWREC to the program.  The Kiwanis Club enjoyed having these fine folks as guests at the annual event.

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...Downtown

Kirk Gray of the city of Hope Parks Department smiles down from a light pole on Main Street as the parks department began hanging Christmas banners on the lightpoles downtown.  In addition to banners and some lighted decorations on the poles, this year poles have been wrapped with white lights which match the traditional white lights on the shrubbery downtown.  The downtown area has the best decorations it has had in many years and the merchants are quite pleased with what the city has done.

Kiwanis Club Hosts "Farm - City Day" 'Hears Dr. Vic Ford

The Hope Kiwanis Club held its annual "Farm -City Day " on Tuesday November 25th. Numerous local farmers were guests of the club and the program was brought by Dr. Vic Ford,, Director of the University of Arkansas Southwest Research and Extension Center. Dr. Ford noted agriculture is a $20 billion dollar business in Arkansas and is responsible for 1 in 6 jobs in the state. He talked about the importance of agriculture in meeting the need for food for the growing world population. Dr. Ford also noted the importance water supplies will play in Arkansas in the next 15 years.
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Parade Application


1.  Name of Group___________________________________
2.  Name of Contact Person____________________________
3.  Telephone Number for Contact on Parade Day__________
4.  Decription of Entry_________________________________
5.   Name of Participants________________________________

Line-up will be at Brazzel-Oakcrest Funeral Home 1001 South Main
Line-up time for floats & other units 4:30pm
Participants should be on floats no later than 5:15pm
Please drop off participants behind Brazzel-Oakcrest on Walnut Street or park at a near-by business…please do not pull in funeral home parking lot
Parade will end behind First Baptist Church
If you have questions please leave a message for Tonja at the Chamber at 777-3640

Candy may be given out…but NOT THROWN
NO SANTAS…The real Santa Clause will be at the end of the parade
No horses due to Coggins Rules
All floats must have lights

If entry is not a decorated float or cart, vehicle must be a registered antique